sIFR (or Scalable Inman Flash Replacement) is a technology that allows you to replace text elements on screen with Flash equivalents. Put simply, sIFR allows website headings, pull-quotes and other elements to be styled in whatever font the designer chooses - be that Foundry Monoline, Gill Sans, Impact, Frutiger or any other font - without the user having it installed on their machine.

sIFR is a great way for web designers to use fonts on their web pages without needing them to be installed on the users' computer, thus gathering full control over the way the font is rendered in the browser.

The big disadvantage of sIFR is that creating sIFR files is a tedious task that also requires Adobe Flash Studio in order to create a .swf file with the font of your choice. At least, that was the big disadvantage until now. sIFR Generator is an online tool that allows you to create sIFR .swf files with a few clicks of your mouse. Simply upload the TTF font of the font you want to convert, preview and download. It cannot be easier!

So go ahead and try to make some sIFR yourself!

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sIFR Generator is hosted on a good web site hosting provider as well, so be rest assured that the convertion and downloading of your files will be fast and easy.

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