About this Site

I'm just a guy who creates web sites as a hobby. I use to create web sites that give me some kind of revenue but sometimes I like to give something back to the community. So when I made a PHP script that could convert TTF to SWF and some friends liked it, I decided to make it available to everyone.

That's it, no strings attached. Enjoy!

Upload and Intellectual Property

This is a Software-as-a-Service tool. Using this software requires you to upload font files to our website. By uploading the fonts you grant us permission to use the font, on your behalf, to create a sIFR SWF file that contains the font, and make it available to you.

All intellectual property rights and copyrights that apply to the original font, also apply to the generated font file. This file is made available only to the party who uploaded the font file.

We do keep fonts uploaded to sIFRGenerator.com for debug and statistical purposes.

Please hang on while
your font is being generated